SMS iCD is not opening after installing in Windows 7 operating system | Dec 09

SMS iCD's latest install build [1209] is compatible with Microsoft's new Windows 7 operating system. Check the "Build xxxx" on the installation CD. If you are running Windows 7 and the build is 0707, click here and download the latest build installation.

My SMS iCD Audio Test Disc doesn't work | 10-07

We experienced a batch of bad audio disc. Please contact us and we will mail you a new CD. Please include your serial number and mailing address.

We apologize for this inconvenience.

Window's Vista install & running SMS iCD procedures | 2-07
When I launch SMS iCD I get a "black box" and nothing happens | 8-06

To resolve the issue, we suggest Adobe Flash 9 Active X be uninstalled and Flash 8 Active X be installed.

Quizzes do not launch | 6-06

Solution: Associate .swf files with Internet Explorer

My serial number has too many digits | 6-06

Solution: Uninstall all previous versions of SMS iCD; Pre-release, Demo, etc. The final version uses a 16 digit serial code. All pre-releases and demos used 12. Re-install current version.

Error - Required DLL file GDIPLUS.DLL not found | 7-14-06

Download file, unzip & "copy" into the following two directories: