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SMS iCD is not opening after installing in Windows 7 operating system | Dec 09

SMS iCD's latest install build [1209] is compatible with Microsoft's new Windows 7 operating system. Check the "Build xxxx" on the installation CD. If you are running Windows 7 and the build is 0707, click here and download the latest build installation.

My SMS iCD Audio Test Disc doesn't work | 10-07

We experienced a batch of bad audio disc. Please contact us and we will mail you a new CD. Please include your serial number and mailing address.

We apologize for this inconvenience.

Window's Vista install & running SMS iCD procedures | 2-07
  • Insert SMS iCD program disc into CD/DVD drive
  • Select 'allow this program to run' when prompted
  • Once program is installed, uncheck "Launch Program"
  • Click "Finish" and return to desktop
  • Delete SMS iCD desktop icon
  • Navigate to <My Computer><Local Drive><Programs><Sound Made Simple>
  • Right mouse button on SMS iCD icon (blue) and select "Send to Desktop (create shortcut)"
  • Close all windows
  • Right mouse button on desktop SMS iCD shortcut
  • Select "Run as Administrator"
When I launch SMS iCD I get a "black box" and nothing happens | 8-06

To resolve the issue, we suggest Adobe Flash 9 Active X be uninstalled and Flash 8 Active X be installed.

  • Download Flash 8 zip file to your desktop. Click here to download.
  • Click Start>Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs
  • Highlight "Adobe Flash 9 Active X" and click [Remove]
  • If "Adobe Flash 9 Active X" is not listed, then scroll down to "Macromedia Flash Player (x)" and click [Remove]
  • Once uninstalled, close open panels
  • Unzip Flash 8 file on your desktop and run the installer
  • If this does not resolve the issue, please contact us for additional procedures: 850-478-9002
Quizzes do not launch | 6-06

Solution: Associate .swf files with Internet Explorer

  • Click Start>Control Panel>Folder Options
  • Select "File Types" tab > scroll down and select (highlight) SWF
  • Click [Change] button; select Internet Explorer (big blue e), click OK.
  • Once complete, close open panels
  • When a quiz is launched from SMS iCD, Internet Explorer will open and load the quiz. Depending on your security settings, a pop-up may prompt you. If so, select "Allow Blocked Content".
My serial number has too many digits | 6-06

Solution: Uninstall all previous versions of SMS iCD; Pre-release, Demo, etc. The final version uses a 16 digit serial code. All pre-releases and demos used 12. Re-install current version.

Error - Required DLL file GDIPLUS.DLL not found | 7-14-06

Download file, unzip & "copy" into the following two directories:

  • C:/Windows
  • C:/Windows/System32


How many computers can I install SMS iCD on?

SMS iCD is licensed for (2) computers. The license can be transferred by un-installing the program, while connected to the Internet, and then installed on another Window's computer. Additional seat licenses are available from Walthall & Associates: 850-478-9002

Does SMS iCD run on Window's Vista?

SMS iCD has been BETA tested on Window's Vista. SMS iCD installed & ran with no problem. However, Vista hosts numerous levels of security and user credentials of which could play a role in launching the program. Our testing revealed SMS iCD had to be launched using the "Run As Administrator" option. See Support on Vista

Will SMS iCD run on a Mac?

SMS iCD will run on a Mac inside "Parallels". Sound Made Simple for Mac runs on Max OS X natively and can be purchased in Apple Mac App Store.

Can the program window be set to 'full screen'?

Due to the detailed nature of the graphics, SMS iCD is set for 800 x 600 resolution. The window can be moved but not resized.

How do I activate my serial number?

SMS iCD uses an on-line activation system to verify the serial number. When connected to the Internet, SMS iCD will automatically authenticate your serial number. If an Internet connection is not present, you will be prompted to activate by phone or email.

How many times can I activate/un-activate my serial number; transfer to another computer?

SMS iCD can be un-installed from one computer and installed on another unlimited times. However, only (2) computers can be active at any given time. Additional seat licenses are available from Walthall & Associates that will alleviate the need to install & un-install numerous times.

Windows 7 | SMS iCD's latest [1209] is compatible with Microsoft's new Windows 7 operating system.
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